Wednesday, January 13, 2016

 Because I love Washington DC, some pictures of my last trip there 2 days ago. Since I had some free time I decided to see few things I have never seen before beside the traditional sightseeing. 
First the Postal museum. Beautiful place completely restored and very interesting. Lunch in Union Station. Traditional Picture of the Jefferson Memorial with the Washington Memorial in back taken on my way to the Pentagon memorial, to honor the victims of the Pentagon and the American Airlines flight on 0/11. Very emotional.

 Postal Museum and   Union Station

Jefferson and Washington Memorial
 Pentagon Memorial

When I got back I had time to finish my Eiffel Tower I showed you few days ago...may be it was last week! Well it is done. I will have to find a nice might end up like the blue one, on a painter canvas..  Free chart offered by Solobrode


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Vickie said...

What gorgeous pictures you have shared. I have never been there. Your Eiffel Tower stitching is great!