Saturday, January 30, 2016

 My Janice is stitching and the finishing is done. Finishing is always a challenge as I try to never do the same thing. I have seen these wood supports at my craft shop for a while wondering what I could do with them. I like every single designs but never bought any...(yes I try to be a good girl...haha). Well Janice was the perfect fitting for this wood frame. well this is not really a frame, there is no hole under the stitching. I mounted my stitching on a piece of cardboard and batting then glued everything on the wood. As the size was a little bit off I played with some ribbon. It actually gives some contrast 
The SAL is here SAL Janice / Sablaise

Sablaise never stops....and has started a Valentine's Day SAL that I, of course started!!!That's all I will share for this time  :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016 Solobrode's Tour Eiffel is framed. My kitty would let me work thus. She is very affectionate and always has to be where I am in case she could lie on my lap.
No surprises here, I used a painter canvas again. Although I saw over supports I could have loved to use, I decided to match the finishing to the other solobrode's stitching I did (the blue one). The Eiffel tower stitching is slightly smaller then the blue one and it looked small on this square frame....problem fixed with a velvet ribbon matching the Eiffel tower's color. 
Below is the Eiffel Tower I stitched a while back.... this one if from Jardin Prive. For this one, I simply framed it and played with different kind and colored ribbons, pins and a small wooden scissors as the finishing touch. 


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A new little SAL just started Sablaise... 
Few months ago I stitched one named Rosalie. This time this SAL is named Janice. 
This is only the second part which I didn't completed completely as I am not sure which color to use for the hearts that are placed under the bow. 
I used a hand dyed thread Weeks Dye Works, "Stone" and a plain matching DMC dark purple. 
If you want to stitch it it is not too is here Sablaise


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

 Because I love Washington DC, some pictures of my last trip there 2 days ago. Since I had some free time I decided to see few things I have never seen before beside the traditional sightseeing. 
First the Postal museum. Beautiful place completely restored and very interesting. Lunch in Union Station. Traditional Picture of the Jefferson Memorial with the Washington Memorial in back taken on my way to the Pentagon memorial, to honor the victims of the Pentagon and the American Airlines flight on 0/11. Very emotional.

 Postal Museum and   Union Station

Jefferson and Washington Memorial
 Pentagon Memorial

When I got back I had time to finish my Eiffel Tower I showed you few days ago...may be it was last week! Well it is done. I will have to find a nice might end up like the blue one, on a painter canvas..  Free chart offered by Solobrode


Friday, January 08, 2016

Last time, I shared with you Solobrode's blog who created a chart with the Eiffel tower. I started stitching with a silk thread from Hand-dyed fibers, called Embers and a classic off white 28 ct linen.
Who else is stitching it?

Her is the first Solobrode's chart  I stitched few years ago. As I failed finding a round frame I opted for a canvas (a painter canvas) and I simply stapled my stitching on it.

Happy stitching all

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year stitchers!

To celebrate the new year I want to share a site I do love. 
Solo brode always shares her lovely designs.  I did stitch one, few years back...I will have to take a picture of it. It was a blast to stitch.
In  2016 I will stitch her latest one featuring the Eiffel Tower.  France has a special place in my heart as you might know ;) and I will find a special place for this project
So I do want publicly thanks Solobrode for her generosity..Merci!

Solobrode : scroll down until the 24 of December's post, click on the red Joyeux Noel.
Happy stitching.