Saturday, January 23, 2016 Solobrode's Tour Eiffel is framed. My kitty would let me work thus. She is very affectionate and always has to be where I am in case she could lie on my lap.
No surprises here, I used a painter canvas again. Although I saw over supports I could have loved to use, I decided to match the finishing to the other solobrode's stitching I did (the blue one). The Eiffel tower stitching is slightly smaller then the blue one and it looked small on this square frame....problem fixed with a velvet ribbon matching the Eiffel tower's color. 
Below is the Eiffel Tower I stitched a while back.... this one if from Jardin Prive. For this one, I simply framed it and played with different kind and colored ribbons, pins and a small wooden scissors as the finishing touch. 


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Vickie said...

Lovely! Great framing solutions. Your cat is adorable.