Sunday, July 31, 2016

Ciseaux et Bobines by Jardin Prive.
This is the second SAL I was talking about the other day. This one was organized by Noelle
I stitched 1 over 1, hard for my eyes, but I love the result. I had the perfect box waiting for the finishing (it doesn't happen often), it was just waiting for the stitching to be done.

Have a great week and happy stitching

Sunday, July 24, 2016

I was stitching 2 Jardin Prive SAL simultaneously....The first one is "Patchwork aux chats" I was stitching for my youngest daughter who is crazy about cats. Very nice and fun pattern to stitch. I was asked to finish it as a small what I did. Some red fabric to bring out all the colors and a cute charm to add some contrast. 
My second Jardin Prive (shown in my previous post) is done...yeah. 
I will be working on the finishing soon....

Have a beautiful Sunday


Sunday, July 17, 2016

 My last post is from 2 months little bit of stitching, a lot of gardening, some traveling and between, work ;) One of my last stitching post was about Jardin Prive's SAL "Ciseaux et Bobines". 
I am way behind schedule but I am working on it. Here is the progress, I am getting there. 
🌞Have a beautiful Sunday 🌸🌺🌹