Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Couleurs de printemps / Spring colors

Cette semaine dans mon jardin
This week in my garden

Mais voila, Mr le serpent aussi aime mon jardin!
Even snakes like my garden!Pour voir de plus pret, cliquez sur la photo
To see my guest closer, click on the pic


Mady said...

Oh non, surtout pas agrandir la photo, j'aime pas les serpants :o(

pat said...

Un serpent dans mon jardin! cela me plairait moyen!!!! tu as bien su saisir le moment

Mia said...

Surely not all these flowers are in bloom in your garden already...? Delphiniums do not bloom in mine before July. And I must say I do not care too much for your visitor, the snake... But I do hope you got my mail. I sent you one in the beginning of the week. Will you let me know weather you did/did not receive it. Hope you will have a lovely weekend.

corinne said...

Oh là là, quelle horreur !!! moi je n'aurais pas eu l'idée d'aller chercher l'appareil photo, tu n'en as pas peur????