Thursday, February 04, 2016

Because it looks like that outside...
I started several projects.

First with few friends from Le fil en scene, we are doing a SAL mitaines (hands warmer). I picked my yarn but I don't have the right size circular needles....nothing done yet.

Then I started knitting socks on a sock loom. It is quite fun and it goes quite fast. I hard a little hard time to decide on the right size (number of pegs) so we will see if it will fit my daughters feet :)

 Finally a couple of stitching projects. First, another lovely SAL by Sablaise this time for Valentine's day. If you would like to join it is not too late visit Sablaise's site. My choice of threads is DMC linen, green silk and regular cotton threads all on a gingham fabric I bought one day at of quilting/cross stitch show.I couldn't resist to add sone special stitched: spider stitch and bullion stitch.

 Finally a last little thing I have started is a little surprise for my daughter. She loves cat, we do have one at home and this chart is for Valentine's day and about cat of course. Free chart is here...

 The same daughter that loves cat swims in her high school team...tonight the girls have a team party before a big meet tomorrow....I was in charge of one desert....she will be bringing a Smore's brownies. Thanks Pinterest for the recipe. It does look great, will see what the girls think.


Vickie said...

How neat. I had never heard of a sock loom. That gingham fabric is fabulous. I am in for any kind of brownies!!

chrisatinea said...

Je n'ai jamais vu faire des chaussettes de cette façon.
J'ai hate de voir comment tu fais pour le talon.
Quant aux mitaines, j'ai tout juste commencé les miennes.

Ton Sal est superbe.