Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Apres plusieurs essais pour faire des Madeleines, j'ai enfin trouve une recette que j'aime. Parfumees a la fleur d'oranger, elles ont fait le bonheur de toute la famille. En plus, a la cuisson la petite bosse est apparue, youpi! La recette vient de chez Le Petrin. A vous d'essayer!
Madeleines are French small cakes with a peculiarity: it has a bump! In France, you buy them and are a traditional afternoons snack for children or are eaten with tea... I love Madeleines and since I can't find them here in the US, I decided to bake my own. I have to admit I tried several recipes but I was not very satisfied. The cake was cook but not light enough or I didn't get the bump when baking. Well, I finally find THE recipe. It is on a blog I like very much Le Petrin. It is translated in case you wish to try and learn about the story of the Madeleine. A Madeleine pan is needed to make these small cakes. Thumbs up for these delicious Madeleines.


Haidi said...

I love them, too!

Unfortunately, I have no Madeleine pan, but luckily, you can buy them here in nearly all supermarkets.

scarole said...

J'ai aussi une super recette de mini-madeleines que m'a donné une vieille dame. J'adooore!

Maria Filomena said...

parecem estar uma delícia!!!!
Abraços de Maria Filomena

Michaela said...

Merci pour cette recette bien sympatique. Je regarde ton blog ce matin ! Bises (Micha)